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New Book: Face to Face: Children of the AIDS Crisis in Africa

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Face to Face book cover

This unique book by Karen Ande and Ruthann Richter combines vivid narrative and photography to document the impact of AIDS on Africa’s children, offering a moving portrayal of life in the shadow of the disease. It captures the hopes and heartaches of youngsters who have lost parents to the disease or are coping with HIV infection themselves. The book profiles some of the activists – the energetic and inspiring people working at the grassroots level to help restore the well-being of these youngsters. And it pays homage to the care-giving grannies, the vast network of older women who have stepped in to keep families together as traditional social networks collapse.

The book serves as a reminder of this forgotten generation, the millions of orphans and vulnerable children who have been largely overlooked in the world’s response to the pandemic.

“Ruthann Richter and Karen Ande have given a new voice and face to this pandemic, which continues to destroy the hopes, dreams and lives of children. Through compelling and poignantly informed stories and narratives and incredibly sensitive and touching portraits of children, families, providers and communities, Richter and Ande remind us, in a deeply personal way, how important HIV remains in Africa and beyond.”Philip Pizzo, MD, dean of the Stanford University School of Medicine and a specialist in pediatric HIV

“This book brings these issues to the forefront, providing seldom-seen and poignant portraits of the lives of children in sub-Saharan Africa who are growing up in the world of AIDS. These are remarkably resilient youngsters, children with the faces of hope, carrying on in the face of daunting loss and economic deprivation.”Peter Piot, MD, former executive director of UNAIDS

“One of the most tragic and insidious costs of AIDS is the price paid by children, who lose parents, protection and opportunities for the future. These beautiful faces will remind you of children you love. And their stories show what’s possible when we care enough to stand up for them.”Helene D. Gayle MD, MPH, President and CEO, CARE USA

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