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Looking Back

Monday, September 7th, 2015

Karen with "Who's Hungry? photo exhibit.I don’t often indulge in pride, but I was very very pleased when my photography exhibit “Who’s Hungry? You can’t tell by looking” went up outside the governor’s office in our California State Capitol Building.

People viewing "Who's Hungry?" photo exhibit.

For me the real hope for my photography is that maybe the images will wake people to an issue — or at the very least inform them. A best case scenario is that the photos change lives. At the very least, many people who visit the state capitol learned about food insecurity for California children.

One little guy got a kick out of it for sure. His Sacramento cousin recognized his photograph and told him he’s seen it in the state capitol. The little one asked his daddy “Did she make me famous?”

Calif. State Policeman next to "Who's Hungry?" photo exhibit.

Karen Ande at Calif. State Capitol