Karen Ande and Ruthann Richter Receive Eric Hoffer Book Award

Eric Hoffer Award MedallionThe book Face to Face: Children of the AIDS Crisis in Africa has been honored with an Eric Hoffer Award as one of the best books in the “Culture” category, the Hoffer Award committee announced May 26, 2011.

The awards, named for the great American philosopher Eric Hoffer, recognize independent books of exceptional merit. The book received a silver-medal equivalent in its category.

“This book combines the compassionate personal narrative of award- winning medical writer Ruthann Richter with emotionally compelling photographs taken by documentary photographer Karen Ande,” the reviewers wrote. “Their joint focus on the devastation of the hopes and dreams of specific children—living in places such as the Mama Darlene Children’s Centre and the Saidia Children’s Home—that have lost one or both parents to Aids/HIV and or have themselves contracted the disease renders an emotional and deeply personal perspective of a crisis affecting 12 million children living in sub-Saharan Africa.”

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