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Photo: Girl at her fruit stand

Enterprise in Nairobi's Slums

Kibera, one of the largest slums in Africa, surrounds Kenya's capital Nairobi. It is home to people of many tribes who migrated here from across the country in search of work. Nairobi is Kenya's seat of political power and its economic engine. But to the poor of Kibera it is a place where dreams are difficult to realize, where the rate of HIV/AIDS is high, and where mothers and fathers die of AIDS, leaving children to care for each other as best they can. Read more.

Photo: Mama Darlenes Kids

Mama Darlene's Children's Centre

Mama Darlene's Children's Centre was the brainchild of social worker Monica Ngume and her husband Eliud Muema. The school serves the children of rural Tala, Kenya, providing primary class instruction, hot lunch as well as support for families affected by HIV/AIDS. Read more.

Photo: Maasai Mall

Maasai Midwives and More

Images from projects sponsored by Grassroots Alliance for Community Education ( of Half Moon Bay, California, and projects sponsored by my own fundraising. G.R.A.C.E. teaches midwives from the Maasai tribe how to avoid spreading HIV during deliveries. It also has committed to educating 200 orphans from western Kenya. My own fundraising supports an orphanage and a prospective chicken farmer in Naivasha, Kenya. Read more.